4D Baby Ultrasound Scanning Service

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When you arrive at 4D Baby you will be asked for your antenatal records (we only check your hospital scans and do not look at any personal information within your notes) and be asked to complete a short consent form explaining that the scan is purely for bonding and not medical purposes.



We will already have your contact details and gestation from information taken at booking.

Privacy Policy -  We will only use your contact details for marketing purposes at 4D Baby and will not send on to any third parties. All personal information will remain confidential. Please click on the link below if you wish to read our Privacy Policy:

You will then be shown into our scan room where you will be made to feel comfortable and at ease. If you have guests with you they will be able to take a seat whilst watching the scan on our second monitor.

The Sonographer will explain the scanning process, and when you are happy she will carry out your scan.

Our caring and considerate staff will look after you during your 4D baby scan with 4D Baby. A scan from 4D Baby allows you, your partner and family to see your baby before they are born, keep a permanent record and as all recent research shows, enable you to bond with your baby.


This scan is not meant to replace your 12 week dating scan and 20 week anomaly scan or any other growth scan your obstetrician requests throughout your pregnancy.

It is vitally important you keep all NHS antenatal and ultrasound appointments given to you. The 4D scan is performed purely as a complementary scan allowing you to see your baby in 4D.



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Being situated within our own luxurious studio enables us to bring you into a much less clinical environment, creating the perfect setting to allow you to relax and enjoy bonding with your baby. Your baby may not be lying in an ideal scan position, in this case, we may ask you to have a walk around the studio/gardens or have a drink, then come back after a short while and we will try again.


If this is still unsuccessful you will be offfered an alternative appointment at no futher cost to yourself. Please be aware we cannot offer re-scans for any Wowcher or Groupon deals as per their terms & conditions.

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07968 765163

Prior to your Scan...


- We recommend you have eaten 1-2 hrs prior to the scan,  however we do encourage you  to have eaten or drank something sweet 20 minutes prior to the scan, this is to encourage baby to be stimulated.


- Please ensure you drink plenty of water for upto 5 days prior to your appointment


- Please ensure you have your antenatal records with you, failure to provide these could result in you having to rearrange your appointment.


- Please feel free to ask any questions on arrival, any of our staff will be happy to help


- Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time if possible

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Celebrate the Miracle of your Baby...in 4D!

On the day

4D - Privacy Policy

Please click on the link below for more information on Ultrasound from the Health Protection Agency