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Is it safe?


Yes, there is no evidence that ultrasound is harmful to mother or baby. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to obtain images of your baby, NOT radiation.For a 4D scan your appointment is 30 minutes, however we do not scan for the full 30 min; approx 15 minutes of this time is spent scanning, but even this is not continuous. This is well within recommended guidelines of the BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society).


Please click on this link to go to the Health Protection Agency Website page relating to Ultrasound






Will it always be successful?


As mentioned elsewhere on the site, often babies do not lie in ideal positions, this is why we may ask you go for a coffee or have a short walk around the studio/gardens. If your scan has been unsuccessful, we will book you for a further appointment at no extra charge. This is at the discretion of our sonographer.


Do I need a full bladder?


We do not ask you to routinely fill your bladder. Most women in later pregnancy would find this impossible to achieve. However, if the baby is not lying in an ideal position, the sonographer may suggest trying to fill your bladder slightly in order to try to move the baby.


Does this replace my hospital scans?


No, coming to see us at 4D Baby is entirely in addition to your 12 week and 20 week NHS scans. As NHS professionals ourselves we urge you to maintain your NHS appointments, as explained earlier


During my 4D Baby scan do you check for any problems?


Our scans are meant for bonding and personal enjoyment only. It is not intended to detect abnormalities. However, if something was obviously detected, as per the terms & conditions on our consent form , we explain our findings and refer you back to your antenatal provider. Please download a PDF Terms & Conditions here:





When can I have a 4D Baby scan?


The ideal time seems to be between 27 and 29 weeks, however, we are able to offer 4d scans between 24 - 34 weeks. Sexing scans are recommended between 17-24 weeks.



What should I expect from a 3D/4D ultrasound scan?


Your scan will consist of a series of ultrasound waves, which build a 2D image. Our Sonographer will then capture the image and use the latest scanning technology to create a 3D image. When real time is added, you then see the 4D moving image of your baby.



What will I see during my Baby Bonding Scan?


Our 4D ultrasound technology can allow you to see your baby moving around, changing position kicking and stretching. Sometimes we capture babies blinking, yawning or even sucking it's thumb. In fact anything your unborn baby chooses to do in the womb during the scan will be seen during your 4D real time scan.



What do I need to do before my Scan?


Prior to your scan....


- We recommend you have eaten 1-2 hrs prior to the scan,  however we do encourage you  to have eaten or drank something sweet 20 minutes prior to the scan, this is to encourage baby to be stimulated.

- Please drink plenty of water for at least 5 days before your scheduled appointment

- Please ensure you have your antenatal records with you, failure to provide these could result in you having to rearrange your appointment.

- Please feel free to ask any questions on arrival.



Can I only bring my partner along?


No, we recognise the birth of a child as a very exciting time for the whole extended family and we are able to accommodate 4+ adults in the scan room. If you would like to bring along mum and grandmother or mum and dad then feel free. We have comfortable seating and an extra monitor - making this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Please feel free to bring your children along too, should you wish to do so. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.


Whats included in my 4D Scan?


Your 4D Baby scan is a 30 minute appointment, with at least 15 minutes scan time. You will receive a DVD of the full scanning session, which is an unedited mixture of 2d and 4d images. You will also receive a CD-ROM of 'STILL' images of your baby, which also includes a compilation of mini video captions. The number of images is dependant on his/her postion. Then use our printing partner, Photobox, to order your 40 FREE quality colour prints, and offers on a range of personalised gifts. Your CD and DVD will be checked and verified prior to you leaving the studio.Please note the DVD is a live recording therefore we cannot copy it on the day.


Other Ultrsound services provide pictures/keyrings on the day, why dont 4D Baby?


We believe that your 4D scan should be the most wonderful experience, therefore we have focused on providing you with luxurious surroundings in our studio, and invested heavily in the best scanning machine available. Unlike other scanning services, we dont offer prints or keyrings on the day of your scan. This is because we want you to take time and not be hurried into choosing your images. We feel that taking your time to look through your images from the comfort of your home provides another precious moment to relive the scan and bond with your baby, and our partnership with Photobox means you can order quality prints from as little as 5 pence! When you first sign into Photobox from the link on our website, you will get 40 quality colour prints free!

Your 4d scan should be an amazing unhurried experience, focusing on high quality ultrasound images, then let Photobox do the rest. If you dont have access to a computer or are unsure about using photobox, please let us know and we will help you.



How do I book?


You can book online, visit our online 'Book a Scan' page - click on this link

Alternatively call us direct on 07968 765163. Please leave an answerphone message with your name and number if there is no answer, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to email enquiries for any further information you may require.


Why do I need to bring my Maternity notes?


Our Sonographer will read your hospital scan notes only.  




If you need any more information about this please call us on 07968 765163. Please leave a message on our answerphone if there is no reply, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to email enquiries for any further information you may require.



I am having Twins, can I still be scanned?


Yes, we can scan twins. The optimum time for scanning twins is between 26-28 weeks, preferably 26 weeks as twins are more difficult to scan than a single pregnancy. Please be aware that we may not be able to obtain clear images of twins due to the positioning of babies, therefore we are unable to offer a free re-scan. If you are expecting twins we would advise you to speak to one of our fully trained staff who can advise you and help you with your booking. A twins scan is £125 due to the extra time and difficulty involved.


I don't want to know the sex of my baby, can I still have a 4D Scan?


Yes, the sonographer will only attempt to find out for you should you wish to know. The scan can still be performed quite easily without discovering the sex



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www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationTopics/Ultrasound/ www.bmus.org/policies-guides/pg-safetystatements.asp 4D BABY - Terms and Conditions