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3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, often used in obstetric ultrasonography (during pregnancy), providing three dimensional images of the fetus.

There are several different scanning modes in medical and obstetric ultrasound. The standard common obstetric diagnostic mode is 2D scanning, which is what you will receive during your hospital scans.

In 3D fetal scanning, however, instead of the sound waves being sent straight down and reflected back, they are sent at different angles. The returning echoes are processed by a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three dimensional volume image of fetus's surface or internal organs, in much the same way as a CT scan machine constructs a CT scan image from multiple x-rays. 3D ultrasounds allow one to see width, height and depth of images in much the same way as 3D movies but no movement is shown.


3D ultrasound was first developed in 1987,and clinical use of this technology is an area of intense research activity especially in fetal anomaly scanning, but there are also popular uses that have been shown to improve fetal-maternal bonding. 4D fetal ultrasounds are similar to 3D scans, with the difference associated with time: 4D allows a 3-dimensional picture in real time, rather than delayed, due to the lag associated with the computer constructed image, as in classic 3-dimensional ultrasound.


4D technology uses sound waves that are out of the range of human hearing so your baby will not be aware of the scan taking place.

All 4D scans start in conventional 2D before switching to 4D.The 2D image show us baby’s position to obtain the best images in 4D. Sexing is always done in 2D.

At the start of the scan we will show you your baby's heart beating and at this point we can look for babys sex.If you do not wish to know the sex of your baby we simply will not look.


Switching back and forth between 2D and 4D will happen many times during your scan as the sonographer tries to obtain the best 4D images for you. Your DVD will contain a mixture of 2D and 4D images.

For clear imaging there needs to be a pool of amniotic fluid surrounding babies face. To get the very best 4D images it’s important that your baby is in a face upward position.

Babies position plays a large part in the clarity of the images. Anything that blocks or reduces the soundwaves may affect the clarity of the images. Please be aware if baby is lying deep within the pelvis, or snuggled into the wall of the womb, this may affect the quality of the scan. Likewise, breach babies are also difficult to scan, as they tend to have both legs up in front of their face.

In order to obtain the best imagesof your scan, the sonographer may encourage you to roll onto your side, or even stand up to encourage baby to alter position. Our policy is to try our best for you on the day, unfortunately this means we may occasionally run late on some of our appointments.


Our Studio is dedicated to 3D 4D scans and as such we do not do any diagnostic scans. However all our sonographers are fully trained in clinical & diagnostic ultrasound and if they encounter a problem with baby the sonographer will explain their findings, and refer you back  to your antenatal provider. An accompanying letter will be provided.


Babies can get up to some amazing things in the womb. You may see your baby do such things as yawning, blinking, sticking their tongue out, or rubbing their eyes .Unfortunately a baby’s performance is never guaranteed, as sometimes babies just like to sleep!

Chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks are sometimes used to stimulate your baby so that they move into a better position, so please bring these along to your 4D scan appointment, or you can visit Cafe Slice in our courtyard.



Take a look at the youtube video clip below to see the difference between 2D, 3D, and 4D scans.

We hope you enjoy the experience of watching your baby in the womb, as we celebrate the miracle of your baby...in 4D


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Celebrate the Miracle of your Baby...in 4D !

For more information on Ultrasound Scans please visit www.hpa.org.uk, the Health Protection Agency website, or click on the link below